MKAPR Handling Tool Offering

MKAPR recognizes the need for reliable equipment and service to meet the demands of the oil and gas industry in Indonesia.  Along with our principle manufacturer, Mud King Products, we are able to offer a wide range of pipe handling equipment including Elevators, Slips, Safety Clamps, Safety Products, Stabbing Guides, Tongs, Dies, and Inserts.  Whether you are purchasing new equipment or replacing parts, we can assure you that our handling tool offering is 100% interchangeable with major O.E.M. brands on todays market.  We take pride in building great customer relationships and accept the challenge of meeting our customer’s special needs.

MKP handling tools are manufactured with API monogram certification and are supplied with full documentation for traceability.  This ensures our clients that they are receiving a quality, trouble-free tool that meets or exceeds our competitors.  Along with the great quality that we offer, our ability to “ready stock” and price point is what differentiates us from the competition.

We encourage you to view our offering, and we would be honored to tool out your next requirement for complete sets or replacement parts that you may require.

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MKP offers the follow style slips:

  • Drill Pipe Slips – SDXL, SDML & SDS
  • Woolley B Style Slips
  • Baash-Ross Style Slips
  • DCS Drill Collar Slips
  • Woolley A Style Drill Collar Slips
  • Casing Slips CMSXL
  • Hinge Casing Spider & UC Slips
MKP offers the following style elevators:

  • Single Joint Elevators (SJ)
  • MKP Style MYT Elevator
  • MKP Style YT Elevator
  • Elevators TA Style
  • Elevators SLX Style
  • Drill Pipe Elevators G Series
MKP offers the following style tongs:

  • BJ Type “DB” Style Drill Pipe and Casing Tong
  • BJ Type “LF” Drill Pipe and Casing Tong
  • BJ Type “SDD” Drill Pipe and Casing
  • BJ Type HT55 Manual Tong
  • Web Wilson Type B Style Tongs
MKP offers the follow style safety clamps:

  • MK Type T
  • MK Type C
  • MP Clamp
MKP Master Bushings are designed for SQ and Pin drive Kelly bushings from 17-1/2″ to 37-1/2″ rotary tables.  Available in the following brands:

  • API
  • Brewster
  • Ideco
  • Oilwell
  • National
  • Gardner Denver

Casing Bushings also available and are designed to fit into the rotary table for perfect alignment with the well bore.  All bushings are designed to be fitted with insert bowls to accommodate all pipe and casing sizes.

MKP Kelly Drive Bushings – Square and Pin drive bushings are designed for shallow, medium depth and deep well drilling.  The bushing will accommodate 3″ – 6″ hex and square Kellys.  Standard fiber sleeve bearing are offered with optional roller bearings upon request.

MKP offers the following spiders:

  • 2oo Ton Hinged Casing Spider & Bowl
  • API Bowls 100 Ton
  • Tubing Spider Slips – Type C & CHD
  • Manual Spiders – TS 100 Style Tubing Spider
The MKP Rod Hook is designed with a load rating of 25 tons. The special designed snap-in latch mechanism lets rod elevator bail hook in without operator releasing latch and bail is held secure in place until released.

  • Trico Style Heavy-Lift Short Snap-In Rod Hook
  • MKP Style Plate Type Rod Elevators
  • MKP Sucker Rod Wrenches
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