Gambar 2

If you’re looking for high performance certified pump rental services with competitive good commercial rate for the best customer’s welfare, we have you covered. We have been providing profession well pump services over years and know exactly how to fix any problem. With competent team of highly skilled professional engineers and technician in each respective field. We are capable to provide the accurate solutions to you in the fastest time. Our customers own and operate literally hundreds of different types and manufacturers of pumps. Regardless of their origin, all of the pumps have one thing in common; they can be repaired by MKAPR.


Gambar 3

We have skilled and experienced field service team who has performed many engineered pump installations. We ensure that our pump operations are at their best stage.


Gambar 4

We provide a comprehensive quality service for the maintenance and overhaul of pumps, both on location and in our workshops. We achieve the purpose of optimum operating condition for our maintenance. We supply a huge range of spare parts to maximize user’s product experience.