Shaker Screen Cleaner

With the use of increasingly finer wire cloth in today’s drilling environment, the importance and cost control of screen optimization and cleaning maintenance has never been higher. The only effective method of cleaning shaker screens is with the use of high pressure washdown gun, which can cause additional issues for personnel and the work envrionment, particularly when drilling oil-based mud. In answering these issues, PSI introduced patented Shaker Screen Cleaner, a fully enclosed system designed to clean shaker screens as effectively as possible while using the minimum amount of cleaning medium (water or base oil). Wash Fluid and Waste are fully contained and reclaimed for re-cycle or re-use thus creating a clean work environment.
PSI Shaker Screen Cleaners maintain screens in optimal condition and free up workers time. They use less water or base oil, reclaim fluds and solids, and protect work crew from mud and chemicals, thereby reducing the amount of waste needing disposal and minimizing the environmental impact of that waste.

Gambar 14

General Information

  • Either pneumatically or electrically driven
  • Two distinct circuits -for water or base oil
  • Reclaims fluids and solids
  • Fully enclosed – protects personnel and worksite environment
  • Accepts all shaker screen types and sizes
  • Reduces fluid usage over conventional wash-down gun
  • Operates at 3000psi – 4.5gpm
  • Multiple jet nozzles – ensures screen is cleaned in 2 passes (approximately 1 minute)
  • Handheld wand can be connected for use as regular rig wash-down gun
  • Explosion-proof electrics – Class 1 Div 1
  • Rig Air – 90psi 19cfm
  • Electric – All motor voltages available
  • Fresh water inlet – 3/4” 4.5gpm
  • Base Oil Inlet – 3/4” 4.5gpm
  • Safe for the environment and your personnel
  • Reduce fluid usage
  • Increase screen life
  • Accepts all screen types and sizes
  • Exterior wash-down gun
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