MKP Gate Valves

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Production Design

The Mud King DM style Gate Valve, with superior design features precision workmanship and a proven principle are engineered to meet the harsh drilling requirements in today’s oilfield.

The MKP Valve conforms to the standard flange dimensions and pressure rating of 3000 and 5000 PSI working pressure, and temperature service up to 400 deg. F.

The MKP Valve standard trim includes 316SS Gates 316SS Stems and Buna N seats, optional trims are available which include Ni Plated Carbon Steel, Monel and Aluminum Bronze gates. Seats are offered in Viton and Hypalon and optional 303SS Stem is available.


All the MKP Valves conforms to API flange dimensions in all pressure class ratings.  The valves have rising stems that are driven by a double threaded hub for quick opening and closing with minimum turning effort.  The permanently lubricated stems and stem screws are fully sealed assembly consisting of homogenous and fabric backed rings for high and low pressure sealings.

Application for the Gate Valve

Mud pump lines and Standpipe manifolds, Oil and gas pipelines, Sour gas and crude oil, Corrosive water flood lines, Cementing services, Wellheads, Well treating chemicals.

General Information & Specification

  • Drilling and well-treating chemicals
  • Sour gas and crude oil
  • Abrasive drilling mud
  • Pipelines and manifolds
  • Wellheads
  • Water, oil and gas lines
  • Cements and slurries
  • Corrosive water flood lines
  • Up to 5000 PSI and 400 deg. F.

MKP Gate Valves are hydrostatically tested at assembly.  Stem seal, body and seat are inspected for zero leakage under pressure, before acceptance.
Buna N (nitrile) is the basic seat elastomer.  It is excellent for petroleum oil and gases, fuel oils and alcohols from -10 deg. F to +200 deg. F.  Hypalon is optionally offered compounded for maximum chemical resistance.  Particularly suited for oxidizing acids, it resist hydrocarbon  oils and fuels – 10 deg. F to +250 deg. F.  Viton is highly resistant to mineral acids and hydrocarbons and resist moderate concentrations of hydrogen sulphide.  Serviceable from -10 deg. F to +400 deg. F.  (Not suitable for steam).
MKP Gate Valves are designed for the maximum working pressure and test pressure per the below:

  • 3000 WP – 6000 TEST
  • 5000 WP – 10000 TEST
  • Gate Valve rating must be selected to match the piping system in which the valve will be installed.  Tabulated below are working pressures at 100 deg. F for ASTM A-106 Grade B pipe in sizes corresponding to MKP gate valves.
    Pressure Ratings
    Size Sch. 40 Sch. 80 Sch. 160 X X H
    2" 1210 2220 4300 5970
    3" 1460 2370 3930 5880
    4" 1300 2130 3830 5150
    5" ***** 1970 3700 4650
    6" 1110 1970 3650 *****

Internally plastic-coated valve bodies and bonnet are available on request.


Give size, pressure class and end connection.  Specify pressure class of flange ends, raised face or RTJ.  For threaded ends, give line pipe, NUE (non upset tubing) or EUE (external upset tubing).  For weld or grooved ends, give schedule of mating pipe.

MKP Butterfly Valves

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gambar 10


The Mud King wafer and lug type butterfly valves are designed to meet the stringent requirements of chemical plants, power plants, refineries, shipbuilding, pulp and paper mills, and where ever positive shut-off is required for liquids, oil, gas and gas slurries.  They are also the ideal choice for heating, ventilation and air conditioning applications.

All MKP Butterfly valve parts are FULLY INTERCHANGEABLE with major brand butterfly valves.

NE-C Butterfly Valves from 2″ to 12″ and 14″ to 24″ available on request.


Once piece bodies are ribbed to assure high strength and minimum weight.  Bodies are cast in both wafer and tapped lug patterns, in a wide variety of material choices, to meet virtually every installation requirement.
Body rating is ANSI Class 150 (258 psi non-shock).  Wafer body diameters are designed to self-center in ANSI 150 flange patterns.
The large top flange provides a secure mounting area for automatic or manual actuators.


MK Butterfly Valve discs are configured for low pressure drop and high flow coefficients.  Full radius polished edges slide into drop tight seat engagement with little turning effect.


The MK Butterfly Valve seat is constructed by bonding a resilient elastometer to a rigid back-up ring, which forms the outside periphery of the seat.  Slip fitted in the valve body, the seat is field replaceable without special tools.  In the closed position, the disc rim and stem seal lands form an uninterrupted line of sealing contact with the resilient seat, to assure drop tight sealing at rated shutoff pressure.  MKP seats is offered in a wide range of materials.

Additional Information & Specs

The inner surface of the seat is widened to project outside the face-to-face width of the valve body.  When mounted between weld neck or socket flanges, the extra rubber is compressed to form a positive seal against both flanges.  The seal surface, near the outer periphery of each seat face is designed to seal against slip-on or threaded flanges.  Only valves with throttling discs require gaskets.

Proper-orientation of the stem/disc connection is assured by the rectangular drive.  The disc is permitted to float on the stem to perfectly center in the valve seat.
Upper stems are flatted for positive drive and for easy installation o handles and actuators.  Retained by tangential pins, upper and lower stems are blowout proof for safety when handles or actuators are removed from the valve stop.
Two self-lubricating bronze bearings reduce torsional friction, eliminate galling and seizing of the stem, while supporting the stem against side loading from pressure on the closed disc.  MK places one bearing at the base of the stem.

The stem holes in the disc are surrounded by an annular raised land which passes the seat onto the seat flat at every angular position of the disc.  The resilient seat presses back with a higher specific force than the line pressure, preventing leakage to the stem.
In competitive stem seal designs with boot seats, a seal is accomplished by an interference “squeezing” on the stem, or an o-ring in the stem journal.  The potential for leakage behind the seat is high.  As the disc wipes the seat, elongation of the steem seal area allows leakage to collect behind the seat.  This condition is eliminated by MKP dry stem journal and hard-backed seat.


Mud King warrants its products to be free from defects in material and/or workmanship under normal use and service for a period of one (1) year from the date of shipment. The liability for any defects shall be limited to the repair or replacement of such products, or, at the option of Mud King the refunding of purchase price. This warranty is expressly in lieu of all other warranties and representations, expressed or implied, and all other obligations or liabilities on the part of Mud King, which shall not be liable for consequential damages for any breach of warranty. Any controversy of dispute arising out of the sale of Mud King products shall be determined in accordance with the laws of the State of Texas.

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