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DL 118

The Double Life family of pumps are designed and engineered to provide long lasting, low maintenance service in drilling fluid or industrial slurry applications. These heavy duty pumps have been field tested, and meet the most exacting standards for rugged and demanding applications. The Double Life Corporation will offer the best choice for the intended application, taking into consideration fluid conditions. Double Life pumps performance gives them the edge in drilling and industrial operations due to : high volume, high temperature experience, pumping highly abrasive, high viscosity, and corrosive fluids. Double Life pumps have open impeller type.

Suction Connection

1" to 3"

Discharge Connection

1 1/2" to 4"

Min. Speed

1150 RPM

Max. Speed

3500 RPM


Up To 800 gpm

Total Head

Up to 360 ft

Casing Material

From I1 Cast Iron to A8 SS316 L

Impeller Material

From I1 Cast Iron to A8 SS316 L

Shaft Material

From S6 Carbon Steel to A8 SS316 L

Sealing System

Gland Packing / Mechanical Seal

Impeller Type

Open Impeller

Impeller Diameter

4" to 8 1/2"

Number of Impeller