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MKAPR has a vast range of products commonly required to keep your rig running. From pumps, solids control equipment, mud systems, and handling tools.



The MK series hydraulic power tongs feature a wide range of pipe sizes with an applicable amount of torque for make up or break out requirements.

The structure is compact, concise, light, and designed with an open throat to position the tong on or off the pipe fast and easy. The master tong is driven by a low speed large torque hydraulic motor.

The MK28/1.8. is equipped with a manual backup tong and the MK3C, MK114/6B, and MK140/12A are equipped with a hydraulic backup tong that automatically clips and loosens the pipe simultaneously by use of the control valve on the master tong. Master tong and backup tong are both inner curved roller climbing and clipping.

The overflow valve may be fixed according to customer demands. When the oil pressure exceeds the rated pressure of the tong, the overflow valves fails to protect both the operation and the tong. The MK Series Power Tongs conform to API Spec 7K-0066


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