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MKAPR has a vast range of products commonly required to keep your rig running. From pumps, solids control equipment, mud systems, and handling tools.



MKP-1600 triplex mud pump features a double extended jackshaft carried on heavy duty straight roller bearings and dual roller bearing connecting rods. The main gears bolted to the eccentric are heat treated along with the interchangeable fluid cylinders. The replaceable crosshead slides are bronze and the valve covers are threaded. The MKP-1600 includes a complete piston washing system; and a full splash lubrication system with an oil pump, pressure gauge, and replaceable-type oil filter. External electric powered lube pumo is optional equipment for secondary lubrication system.


MKP – 1600

Maximum Liner


Maximum Stroke


Power Rating

1600 HP

Maximum RPM

130 RPM

Gear Ratio

4.38 : 1

Valve Pot

API #7


40,500 LB