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MKAPR has a vast range of products commonly required to keep your rig running. From pumps, solids control equipment, mud systems, and handling tools.



MKC-7 is a horizontal centrifugal pump applied as water transfer, brine or salty water transfer, or crude oil transfer pump, etc. with a large flowrate. The use of this pump is very large if the field requires high pressure but by keeping the flowrate large.

Min. Speed

2300 RPM

Max. Speed

1200 RPM

Weight (Pump Only)



Up To 1500 gpm

Total Head

Up To 980 m

Casing Material

Ductile Iron / Stainless Steel

Impeller Material

Stainless Steel

Shaft Material

Stainless Steel

Sealing System

Gland Packing / Mechanical Seal

Impeller Type

Closed Impeller

Impeller Diameter


Number of Impeller